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Design Trends That *Might* Be Losing Popularity + What's Replacing Them

Art and design are subjective, and trends come and go. Are any of the following falling off your radar?

Note: We love these styles and are simply addressing trends we see overtaking them in popularity. Trends can vary from region to region, too; ultimately, follow the design trail that speaks to you and makes you happy!

Open Kitchen Shelving?!

A handful of trends that have stuck with us for years are being replaced with utmost-practical solutions.

In the past couple years, amid covid, people have been spending more time at home—even working from home. With this, emphasis still exists on style and design, but function has become a priority to many:

One previously popular choice that I see being replaced with a more pragmatic solution is open kitchen shelving.

Many are preferring to go with closed shelving to leverage storage capacity.

Shiplap and Rustic Wood?!

Shiplap and rustic wood stands the test of time, but lately, clean, bright walls and even bold or unexpected walls are accented with large, notice-me art and photography.

All-White Kitchens?!

White, bright, airy. It's not going anywhere for good, but more people are getting creative with their kitchens.

Increasingly, pops of color, natural elements, and even high-shine and luxe elements are being utilized.

Bright Doors?!

Bright doors are eye-catching and add much personality to a home.

Statements are also made by using doors with natural and modern finishes:

Subway Tile?!

I contend that subway tile is chosen less frequently lately and is being replaced with tile that provides a more organic-looking texture, some of which purposefully looks imperfect. It’s become the perfect time to embrace imperfection. With the complexity of the world today, perhaps this is a symbol: embrace the imperfect.

Not wanting to stray too far from the clean lines of subway tile? Consider an option that utilizes the 'organic texture' preference:


Granite is and will aways be a classic, albeit many are choosing to go with quartz, soapstone, and even butcher block and concrete. Unique has become a focus.

Consider warm-looking and clean countertops. Just remember that no matter the substrate you choose, each has unique maintenance requirements. Wood, for example, will have different needs than stones and concrete.


Wallpaper can create an immediate love-and-hate relationship. Even the removable wallpapers can be tough to apply. . . .

You've got to account for rooms and walls that are not perfectly symmetrical; adhesion issues; air bubbles; pattern-matching issues from one strip to the next; and the potential for later removal of the wallpaper, whether you change design preferences or sell your home to someone who wants to change the wallpaper.

Some are having a design or mural painted onto their walls or supplementing blank walls with large art.

Additionally, 3-D wall panels can be appealing and add fun texture to a room.

What's your take on the design elements taking center stage lately? Which stand the test of time to you, "trendy" or otherwise?

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